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East Devon Tree Care can provide tree stability assessments using the Fakopp DynaRoot Dynamic Root Evaluation System.

The dynamic root stability determination using the Fakopp DynaRoot Dynamic Root Evalutation system, is based on real-life wind loads enabling assessment of the real-life risks. It is simple to carry out with the only drawback being that it requires windy weather to carry out the test, in excess of 25km/h / 15mph. Once set up in place, it is completely weather proof, does not require constant monitoring and can be left alone for several hours to collect the required data.

DynaRoot Inclinometer

If you are interested in this service, please visit this page for further information:

Tree Stability Assessments | DynaRoot Dynamic Root Evaluation System – Devon Tree Consultant | Tree Inspections Devon (eastdevontreecare.co.uk)