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Tree owners may require a risk assessment of trees which are within falling distance of valuable targets such as
their property or parked vehicles. We can provide peace of mind to tree owners by providing tree safety inspections. 

If trees overhang a neighbouring property, public highway or right of way, tree owners also have a legal responsibility to ensure
that their trees are in a safe condition in order to limit risk of damage or injury to a member of the public or their property.

Our qualified, experienced tree consultants can provide tree safety / condition and risk assessment reports  using either QTRA or VALID risk assessment methodologies.

We have a keen interest in working with historical, ancient and veteran trees. We appreciate the value of these fascinating and unique habitats and are able to provide bespoke management recommendations for both individual and collections of ancient and veteran trees.

Ancient and veteran trees require specialised management techniques with long term ecological considerations requiring a perspective of decades rather than years.

Through education and continuous professional development, research and collaborating with industry peers, we strive to provide the best up to date advice on the best practice management of these trees and their associated habitats.

East Devon Tree Care can provide tree reports for planning, development and construction  in accordance with BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations.

Our consultants can provide specialist Arboricultural advice to a range of clients, including developers, architects, planning consultants and landowners. 

When a full written report is not required and where tree owners liability is not a concern, we now offer a lower cost
option consisting of a site visit and verbal Arboricultural advice service.

We are able to offer impartial advice for tree care and management recommendations, pest and disease identification
or advice on neighbourly disputes and tree work planning applications for local authorities.

We also offer a complete tree work planning application service where we act as agents and submit a tree works
planning application on your behalf.

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Whether you have one tree or a whole woodland that you need assistance with, our helpful and experienced tree consultants have a solution. 

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Our line of work as a tree consultancy practice takes us to some interesting places not only in Devon but all over the UK. In addition to trees in domestic gardens and on commercial or privately owned land, we have also been honoured to provide advice for some great historical, ancient and veteran trees  around the country on behalf of our work for The National Trust and The Woodland Trust.