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Tree Surgery – Crane Dismantling

A fun three day project removing around twenty Ash affected with Ash Dieback. The trees were in a difficult location to access on a very steep embankment and over a building. We used a 50t crane for most of them and a 43m Mewp for the ones the crane couldn’t reach. This tricky job was a great chance for some update crane and rigging training from industry leading climber and trainer @benmintyrose @arbskills

Hollow Trees

Inspecting a hollow old Oak pollard on Marley Road, Exmouth. This tree was reported to DCC due to reports of being hollow and potentially dangerous. Trees aren’t dangerous just because they are hollow. These old trees can be just as strong, or stronger than trees without hollow stems. The cavities and decaying wood provides vital habitat for a wide range of rare species. #ancienttrees #vetcert #arboriculture #consultancy

Whimple Tree Surgeon Review

We received the following review from Mrs R, a customer in Whimple for the removal of a large Monterey Cypress tree last week. We dismantled the tree to leave a standing deadwood habitat stump and submitted a planning application to the local authority for the works on behalf on Mrs R:

“Very pleased with the removal of a very large tree. Very professional and tidy. Highly recommend.”

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