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Experimental Work on Veteran Lime

Experimental work on a veteran Lime with my good friend Simon Major. This old tree has broken down into 4 separate parts, all at risk of collapse. We pruned the tree 3 years ago and are now attempting to fuse branches between the 4 sections. If it works it may create natural braces to hold it together. Could this work?

The Flitton Oak

The Flitton Oak sits on a forgotten piece of land in North Devon. This ancient Oak is at least 700 years old possibly older but is now at risk of being smothered by younger trees. The tree has been propped but the prop is now failing putting it at risk of collapse. After a positive meeting with Bob Stevenson, Devon County Council’s Tree Officer, I’m hopeful that we can look at options to install a new prop and begin to clear the competing vegetation to save this historic tree.

Tree Surgery – Crane Dismantling

A fun three day project removing around twenty Ash affected with Ash Dieback. The trees were in a difficult location to access on a very steep embankment and over a building. We used a 50t crane for most of them and a 43m Mewp for the ones the crane couldn’t reach. This tricky job was a great chance for some update crane and rigging training from industry leading climber and trainer @benmintyrose @arbskills