Tree Reports for Property Management and Facilities Management Companies

East Devon Tree Care carry out tree assessments and reports for Property Management companies and Facilities Management companies.

It is vital that property and facilities management companies are aware of the condition of the trees on the sites they manage and are aware of their tree related liabilities. Trees should be regularly assessed  in order to negate any risk of harm to property or users of the site. 

Issues to particularly be aware of are any trees that:

  • risk falling onto the road or footway including deadwood and broken branches
  • obstruct road signs or street lighting
  • hang low and prevent safe passage for vehicles, including high-sided vehicles
  • prevent safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists on footways
  • have damage, ill-health or disease
  • are in conflict with neighbouring buildings
Property Management

East Devon Tree Care has many years experience of carrying out tree inspections on privately owned and public land, residential gardens, roadside trees, trees overhanging public footpaths and trees growing within shared communal gardens and spaces.

Each site can vary greatly in tree cover and we recommend you contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail so that we can provide a quotation for an appropriate management plan and inspection frequency.