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Tree Consultancy

East Devon Tree Care offers an Arboricultural consultancy service mainly throughout Devon, Cornwall and the rest of the Westcountry. However we have carried out consultancy services as far as afield as Northern Ireland and Liverpool. We may be able to offer a consultancy service throughout the UK for specific contracts therefore please do get in touch to discuss your requirements. We can carry out assessments and inspections to provide qualified tree safety and tree protection advice for a broad range of clients within the domestic and commercial sectors.

Tree Consultancy Services in Devon and throughout the Westcountry 

Our tree consultancy services include:

Tree Condition & Safety Inspections and Risk Assessments


Qualifications and experience

Our consultant, Matthew Shute, has worked within the Arboricultural industry since 1999 and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from working within the field as a climbing arborist and through continued professional development and training during this time. In recent years, through a natural expansion of the consultancy side of the business, Matthew’s role within East Devon Tree Care has developed to become a full-time consulting arborist, advising a broad mix of domestic, county council and commercial land owners on tree safety issues.

  • Matthew achieved a Foundation Degree in Arboriculture awarded by Myerscough College in 2008.
  • Matthew has been a professional member of the Arboricultural Association (Membership no PR00669) since 2008.
  • The LANTRA award for Professional Tree Inspection is a benchmark standard for assessing tree conditions at a professional level. Matthew achieved this award in 2010 and can carry out a full assessment to suit your requirements whether it is for one tree within your property or several within an estate or woodland.
  • In 2013, Matthew also attended a course of training in the principles and application of the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system. Matthew has attended training courses on Visual Tree Assessment through QTRA and is also a licensed QTRA user. East Devon Tree Care is certified to undertake Quantified Tree Risk Assessments (QTRA) for landowners, local authorities, parish councils and developers to quantify the level of risk posed by a tree in its current condition and location.
  • Matthew has a keen interest in veteran, ancient and historic trees. In 2017 he was invited to join the stakeholder group for the Ancient Tree Forum and their contribution towards the forthcoming Pan European VETcert qualification. In 2018 he became a training provider for the VETree; Valuing and managing veteran trees training course.

Consultancy Qualifications

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive your written fee proposal for any works you may require.