The Flitton Oak

The Flitton Oak sits on a forgotten piece of land in North Devon. This ancient Oak is at least 700 years old possibly older but is now at risk of being smothered by younger trees. The tree has been propped but the prop is now failing putting it at risk of collapse. After a positive meeting with Bob Stevenson, Devon County Council’s Tree Officer, I’m hopeful that we can look at options to install a new prop and begin to clear the competing vegetation to save this historic tree.


BS5837 Tree Development Survey – Teignmouth to Kingsteignton

New week, new project. 5km of trees to survey and record for the proposed cycle path from Teignmouth to Kingsteignton. Providing positive advice for path design and protection of these great trees on the Teign Estuary. #treeconsultant #treesurveys #bs5837 #devoncountycouncil #nationalcyclenetwork

Tree Surgery Works – Veteran Trees Killerton Estate

Using the trusty old “bore in then cut to release” technique to create some natural looking shards on this old beech tree. We were pruning it to remove the weight bias towards the path and the torn ends help to hide the work, leaving a natural look. Brush stacked to discourage sheep damaging the buttress roots when they come back in the summer. #ancienttrees #vetcert