Exmouth Tree surgeon – Hedge Removal and Tree Pruning

Customer FeedbackWe received the following feedback from Mrs B, a customer in Exmouth, for some works carried out in April 2017 pruning a small tree and removing a section of hedge from her rear garden:

We were really pleased with the work that Matthew and his team carried out. Great communication, professional and overall a really good job. Many thanks.

Mrs B, also left us a rating of excellent :-)


Exmouth Tree Surgeon – Recommendation – Apple Tree Pruning

Customer FeedbackCustomer satisfaction is at the heart of our business and we received the following feedback from Mr K, a customer in Exmouth, for some works carried out in January 2017 pruning an Apple tree:

“I was very impressed with the way in which the tree surgeon explained the aims of the pruning, then did exactly as he said. His attention to detail in shaping the tree was very professional; we now have a tree that looks superb and healthy.  All prunings and bits and pieces were swept up and taken away. A very neat and competent piece of work. I will happily recommend EDTC to my friends and neighbours. “


Exmouth Tree Pruning and Stump Grinding

Customer FeedbackWe received some feedback from Mr D, a customer in Exmouth, regarding tree surgery and stump grinding works we carried out for them in July and August 2016:


“The first job was to prune back overhanging and dangerous branches; the second was to grind two stumps. Both jobs were done very well as has been our previous experience of working with Matt and his team.”