Exeter Tree Surgeon Recommendation

Customer Feedback 2017We received a letter from Mr H, a customer in Exeter this week thanking us for work we had carried out for him:


“I am sending an old fashioned letter rather than use your website comments link perhaps to emphasise how pleased we are with the quality of Dan and Tom’s work. ….


….Dan remarked that he thought it was the third time he had pruned our Birch tree. If so, he must carry a map of it in his head. How is it possible to remove so much from a tree in full foliage and leave it so beautifully shaped? Wonderful!…

Overall, Dan and Tom left things so neat, clean and tidy that anyone looking around in the evening could have been forgiven for thinking that nothing had been done all day….

I hope we shall see you again in another couple of years…”




Exeter Tree Surgeon Recommendation

We received the following feedback from Mr B, a customer in Exeter yesterday after we carried out some works dismantling two large Pine trees in his garden in April 2017:

“What a fantastic service. Matt and his team were absolutely great, very respectful and courteous and within 5 hours, two 20 metre pine trees were gone without a trace. Matt arrived on time and with some remarkable heavy duty machinery but not a mark was left on the lawn or surrounding garden. Fantastic. I would have absolutely no doubt in recommending Matt again and will be definitely using East Devon Tree Care in the future! Thank you.”

Customer Feedback 2017